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Grief is inevitable. It is a state of mind where our whole being feels the sorrow and suffering on losing someone or something that we so dearly loved or resonated with.

But we may not always have the luxury to plunge ourselves into grief for long since there may be people dependant upon us and it is our responsibility to surface out of the sorrow to stay strong.

What is the method that helps mitigate our suffering and helps us deal with this grief, especially when we lack it the most? While there is no one thing that helps all at the same level – this podcast has a few pointers that may help.




Are You Rejected

Awareness of Time 



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Grief is something all of us encounter at some stage or the other into our lives. It is a state of mind in which our whole feeling sorrow and suffering. And if you are losing someone or something which you so dearly loved or resonated with, we become inconsolable, unable to face the catastrophe of our lives and nothing seems to make us believe that one day, we will overcome this grief. However, we often do not have the luxury to plunge ourselves in grief. We know people who depend on us and we have to pull ourselves out of sorrow to attend to theirs as well as our everyday needs. So is there a method that can really help us mitigate our suffering or give us emotional strength at a time when we need it the most.

Well, there’s no single right way to cope with grief, but there are methods that do work and have worked for some people you may consider some of those.


When dealing with grief and loss it is difficult to know who’s advice to trust and many people might try and tell you what worked for them. Ultimately when it comes to bereavement, everyone is different and there is no prescription for a one size fits all solution. Here are a few pointers that you can consider at this time.

First is to accept the situation, however much cliched this sounds, however, the fact is when you flow with the cosmic plan and remember to relinquish control or circumstances, that really helps it to a great extent.

The second one could be focusing on areas where you can divert your attention. It could be anything. It could be something that you wanted to do always but couldn’t do earlier or it could be something new which you could take up.

But focusing your attention helps.

The third one could be listening to stories of others, who are dealing with grief. There are a lot of social platforms that are available to help you deal with grief. This makes us realize that we are not alone.

Grief indeed is something that everyone has faced in one way or the other.

The next one is: When we need help, we need to be open to asking for it. Remember, asking for help is never a sign of weakness. One more, surrendering to the divine will goes a long way in helping here. It is the only way forward for all of us and we need to remember that the soul is always with us.

The next one is, by using a few affirmations. These are powerful ways of putting messages in your subconscious mind. You can use affirmations like remembering all the loving memories that you have of the departed soul. I choose to elevate my being from grief to joy. Or something like this:

By using the past, I allow myself to move upward.

Or something like this: Every day, I’m letting out everything that has been holding me back.

Or something like this: Every day, I ensure that I move away from my past.

Remember to heal, to live life completely by freeing your soul and that of the departed one from the clutches of grief. That should be your motto for the time to come. So, when you let go of your feelings, when you just let your feelings flow freely, that’s an important point that could help you here. What we try to do is we could try to suppress our feelings of anger and pain and that’s the main reason why grief becomes complicated. Maybe remembering here would help that we all have an innate power to heal, provided we allow the emotions to run their normal and their natural course. No point halting something mid-way.

Therefore, stop running away from your feelings and let them flow freely. Eventually, there will be some piece and there would be a lot of hope.

The next one here is, try to find meaning in your new reality. I know after losing our reality and our identity changes.

The way we define a world in ourselves goes through a big change and we find ways to adjust with it. We can easily cope with grief once we find meaning in our new reality. Someone who has lost a near and dear one made me have a sense that life is not finished and that you could make a difference to the lives of so many people.

The next one here is: you can bond with the divine. Because grief reminds us that the only permanent and constant relationship that we can have in this world, is with the define. Therefore, we need to immerse ourselves in the divine love and constantly surrender to the Divine. As our bond with the divine strengthens, we are unable to overcome our feelings of grief.

And last but not the least, the Cosmos! Because the Cosmos is, after all, our eternal home and it has plans for all of us at various stages of our lives. So, after listening to a lot of stories of people who have lost their dear ones, we certainly realize that the Cosmos gives us the requisite strength when we need it. We only need to listen to it all it’s planned for us.

The Cosmos knows that what is best for the evolution of our soul and ultimately, this is what we need to address. So, when this happens, whatever comes our way, however joyous or painful, we can accept it with equanimity as a blessing from the divine and do the best we can do. The soul is the only thing that we have and it is still with us even if it may not be with us in the mortal body. This is equally applicable to us as well as our loved ones.

Love always lives on forever, whether it’s in your physical body or in your soul.

So all that we need to do is to listen to the soul to transcend our grief

Mar 5, 2020      #The Malkan Show


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