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Emotional vibrancy helps one to experience and generate more joy and energy in life.

It is the quality of harnessing zest and positive energy in oneself. It provides a sense of calm and inner peace even during life’s challenges.

You can learn to cultivate emotional vibrancy by practicing simple things such as physical movements, focus on increasing your strength and balance, caring for others and being open to new experiences in life.


The Power Of Actions

The Benefits Of Journaling




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Why would it that some of us who are so serious to make some important changes in our lives are still wondering around in circles instead of moving ahead? And why would those who are planting their seeds fail to reap a beautiful harvest.

Perhaps the answer to this question is that because most of us have so much that we tend to settle for too little in our lives.

Because all of us have a good place to live, a good phone to use, a television, a car, good source of income.

We have good food to eat, we have good clothes to wear. In a nutshell we can say we are taken care of, we enter a dangerous zone called the comfort zone.

We either lack that over whelming desperation to meet something, or to succeed at something or the incredible force of inspiration that drives all mankind into the market place.

So we may often wish for more. We may often want more.

But the burning desire or the burning need to do whatever it takes to have more is always missing.

And the most dangerous aspect of being in the Comfort Zone is that it effects the way we here and listen to things.

Because the more comfortable we are, the oblivious we become to the sound of a ticking clock, the time that’s going away.

We always seem to believe that there is so much time ahead of us and we are unwittingly squandering away the present moment.

We use the present moment for either entertaining ourselves rather than preparing ourselves for the future.

Those that live in the comfort zone often have this strange philosophy that as human beings we are all immortal.

This philosophy of immortality is really dangerous. They think that I have all the time to build my personal success in life.

There’s always another day, there’s always tomorrow. There’s next week, next month and then next year. So why the cause for concern? What’s all the hurry about?

There’s no real need to do anything for changing right now.

After all, it won’t be always the way it is. And by next year, maybe the things will be different for me. This is how they think.

For that very moment, they choose to relax. They choose to take it easy.

Those that are full of good intentions about improving their circumstances are content with the way they are.

They think that let today be a day of relaxation. Maybe I’ll start doing it from tomorrow.

Let me be mediocre today. I’ll start getting into the success mode tomorrow.

Maybe I’ll get up tomorrow and stay up late, I’ll put all my resources for making that dramatic change in my life.

Maybe I’ll read X number of books in this week or this month.

And I’ve already done so much in last week, so today let me relax.

Tomorrow will be another day. And that’s when I’ll do the hard work.

These are small errors in judgement guys, that we repeat day after day, everyday. The biggest problem in waiting until tomorrow, is that when tomorrow arrives, it’ll again be today for you.

Because today is yesterday’s tomorrow. The question is what did we do with today, what did we do with this fresh opportunity that today has brought with itself.

Because all too often we’ll waste that tomorrow too! Just like we wasted yesterday.

And just as we are wasting today.

Because all that we could have accomplished always eludes us, despite the best intentions that you may have, despite the best practices, the best action plans that you have drawn up for yourself.

Until an d unless you discover that things might have slipped from you, a little of each day will go unused at a time.

That’s why guys pausing frequently to remind yourself that the clock is ticking is so important.

The same clock that began to tick the moment we drew our first breath, till the moment some day when we’ll cease to exist.

The same clock is ticking right now, too. Because, time has been the greatest equalizer in all of man kind.

It has taken away the best and the worst of us, without regard for it.

A t the same time, while it offers opportunity, it also demands a sense of urgency from us.

As you see the seconds will slip away to minutes, minutes will slip away to hours and hours into days.

Until one day that we wake up and discover that all the important opportunities in our lives that we wanted have all gone.

They have all passed by. And we didn’t even realize. We spend our final days re-living the dreams that might have been and at the same time regretting everything that ever was that we ever had and now, maybe you’ll never have it again.

Those last days of our lives, when the game of life is over, we never get a chance to correct our errors.

The clock that is ticking away in our lives would never care about how much we win, how much we lose, would never care about winners and losers.

It does not even care about who succeeds, or who fails. It does not care about what excuses you’ve given, was it fair about equality, about anything.

It’s all about how you played the game of life. That’s all.

Regardless of the age that you’re in, there’s always a sense of urgency that should drive all of us into action right now.

This very moment is all that we have. And it would be of great help if we are aware of the value of each and every of our moments, because no moment is going to return.

These are the moments that seem so insignificant. But when we lose them, they often go unnoticed, we don’t even realize.

But the fact is guys, we still have all the time we need. We still have lots of chances in life waiting for us.

Life is full of opportunities. We all have got many years to show what we can do, to achieve our truest and fullest potential.

Because for most of us I believe, there is going to be another day tomorrow: there is going to be next week and next month and next year.

But unless we develop this sense of urgency, nothing matters.

Because these small windows of time will be sadly wasted once again as we have been wasting them.

The weeks and the months and the years would pass and would just be called as such.

Because the heard fact is there is never an endless supply of it.

Life’s for a limited period. So, the sooner you take advantage, the better.

So let’s get at it guys. Let’s get the sense of urgency and discover our best selves.

January  17, 2020      #The Malkan Show


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