#Access Your Superconscious Mind to Get Whatever You Want



Your superconscious mind is the most powerful personal computer that you can have.

So far, the knowledge of the powers of the superconscious mind has been the secret knowledge of the mystics and the sages. This power has the force of originating the greatest ideas and inventions, across all fields including music.

In this podcast, I speak about what to so when you get exciting superconscious experiences and how to stimulate this part of your mind to have more such experiences.

The only limit on the superconscious mind are the ones that you place in your own mind and imagination.



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I’ve begun with this podcast because after been coached by the world’s best.

I wanted to share about success habits, success tools, and queues that have helped me get on the higher-level performance at work, a great relationship with my spouse and kids, and wat really helped to stay focused and motivated all the time.

So, guys let’s dive into the next episode:

What if someone told you that was a special room in your home that contains the most amazing computer. You could program any goal or question into that computer and it would give you exactly the right answers for you at exactly the right time and that it worked every single time and every answer would turn out to be perfectly correct. Imagine what an incredible difference this could make in your life. The fact is you do have such a computer. It is available and accessible to you at any time you want to.

That computer guy is called your superconscious mind. It’s the most powerful faculty ever discovered in all human history and you can tap into it anytime you want to. You know its most often said you become what you think about most of the time and that whatever you can hold in your mind on a continuing basis you can have. Guys these are not just sayings. All these sayings are referring indirectly to the power of your superconscious mind. This superconscious mind is known about and discussed for thousands of years throughout all human history. But most of this type it was the secret knowledge of the mistakes and these ages.


Access to it was guarded and though only after many years of loyal study to the devotees of the mystery schools of the ancient world. Only in the last 100 years has this knowledge of this superconscious mind become more generally available and then only to a few people. All important breakthroughs in all fields throughout history have been the result of superconscious functioning. Whenever you have suddenly originated a great idea or insight that solved a problem or resolved a dilemma you have had a superconscious experience. Great scientific breakthroughs like the discovery of DNA or the idea of combining ceramics with electricity that led to the discovery of superconductivity.


They were all originated in the superconscious. Talk about music or the great musicians tapped into and used their superconscious mind repeatedly in the creation of their compositions. Mozart could see an entire opera in his mind note-perfect before he could begin writing. He would then transcribe the opera from his mental picture without a single mistake. The very first time ready to be played in public without revision. Few things like these have ever been seen or experienced in the history of music. Talking about Beethoven he created his great compositions after he went deaf can you believe this. He could see and hear them in his mind before writing them down on paper.


The same is with Stephen Hawking even he ------ the brilliant thing in his book called a brief history of a time when he did that one letter at a time. It is a ---- that superconscious mind continuously thought out his entire career to solve all this huge seemingly unsolvable problem and achieve historic breakthroughs and electricity, motion pictures, sound recordings and hundreds of other areas. The key is he would take regular naps during the day to access his superconscious mind for insights that led to his numerous inventions.

So, whenever you see a great and inspiring work of art or read a book of classic literature or a beautiful poem or whenever you hear extraordinary music or whenever you see a remarkable building or infrastructure. You are witnessing the result of a superconscious mind in action.

The law of superconscious activity perhaps is the most important mental law ever discovered and this is like any thought or plan or goal or idea which is continuously in the conscious mind must inevitably be bought into reality by the superconscious mind this is the law. Anything that we really want to be or to have or to do is possible for you. If you can be clear of what it is and then access your superconscious mind on a regular basis you will eventually achieve it.

The only limits that your superconscious mind can do for you are the limits that you place in your own mind and your imagination. This is because your superconscious mind operates best when you are relaxed. When you are in a mental state of calm, confident and relaxed expectation. Whenever you practice relaxation in solitude completely letting go of all your cares and sitting quietly or communicating with nature your superconscious mind begins to function. This is because when you go into silence and listen to the still small voice within you. You begin to hear the whisperings of your superconscious mind.


Your intuition is the same as the supercomputer in the home that we spoke about. This is your connection and your contact with the superconscious mind. Sometimes your intuition will speak to you so loudly in the silence that the idea or the in sighted brains will change your entire life and your superconscious mind also stimulated by clear written specific goals intensely desired visualize regularly and constantly working toward. So, whenever you relax, you visualize and emotionalize specific result that you intensely desire, you stimulate your superconscious mind for giving you ideas and energy for achieving that goal. Sometimes a superconscious inspiration can so energize and excite you that you will be unable to sleep or even think about anything else. In that case, we should sit down and write down all the ideas and detail that comes to you.

This will often free up your mind and enable to go back to sleep. Remember at times when you really felt like that you felt so restless and you felt like your mind is full of ideas that you really want to write them down. That is the time to sit down and write them down. The more you use your superconscious mind the more often you will enjoy an important thing which is called making happy discoveries along the road of life and this is very important to listen carefully. Imagine whenever you have a clear goal that you visualize continuously and something that your working towards each day what will happen is all the happy unexpected ----- experiences will start occurring in your life.

Each of which will seem to help you to achieve your goals even faster. Have you experienced this at some point in time -----? You might come across an article in a magazine or someone who mentions something to you that you didn’t even know before. You might even flip to a program on TV that exactly has the idea or insight you need that point of time to solve a particular problem or to answer an important question. How amazing you will often have a setback or a temporary failure that turns out to be exactly the right thing that happens to you at that moment. Maybe you may not understand at that moment but that’s how it is.

The interesting point is that if you look for something good in every situation you will always seem to find it. The very attitude of expecting good things that happen to you seems to trigger their opponents over and over again. If you calmly and confidently believe in the magic of this serendipity no matter what happens you will have repeated serendipitous experiments and experiences that will help you to achieve your real goals in life and how do you then get to stimulate this superconscious mind you’ll ask right? Well, you can do that by the first concentrate and work intensely on achieving your goal. That’s the first thing you can do.

Throw your whole heart into what you're doing, think about it, talk about it to people to all this around you, write it, re-write it and review it every single day. Do everything that you can possibly think of that can help you to attain that goal. When you dedicate yourself to continuous determined action going forward towards the direction of your goal towards the accomplishment of your goal. All the sorts of conducting even ----- even will happen for you and will happen to you. People will emerge from unexpected places to help you.

Things suddenly start changing, you will receive phone calls and offers and assistance. You will come across ideas and information that you would not have recognized before at all. You will have ideas and insights that will move you even faster towards your goal. The second way to stimulate your superconscious mind is to relax completely and get your mind busy elsewhere.


For example, imagine you going on a vacation, you go there and often become so busy with other activities that you don’t think about your goals and problems at all. It seems that the more you become completely relaxed and let go both mentally and physically the more rapidly your superconscious will click into action and begin giving you the ideas and insights that you need at that moment. So, in other words, the harder that you don’t try to do it the faster your superconscious mind will work for you.

You can try both methods on every goal. First with a single-minded concentration on both. Commit 100 percent of your energy on solving the problems.


Then if you have still not experienced the breakthrough desire get your mind busy elsewhere. Take some time off, go on vacation, engage in physical exercise, go for a movie. Forget about your goal completely for a while. Then exactly at the right time, your superconscious mind will function, and the answer will appear. Wow, the thing is your superconscious mind will bring you the exact answer you need at exactly the right time for you. So, when you receive a superconscious inspiration try to take action immediately do not delay.

There is often time dated information. If you get an inner urge to take any action or make a phone call move on it quickly.

If you have a hunch about something follow up on it. It seems that the very act of moving on our superconscious flash will trigger additional superconscious insights and inspirations that will help you. Above all think back over your life and recall the times your superconscious mind has worked for you in the past.

These experiences are maybe random or haphazard. But by developing absolute clarity about your goals and reviewing and visualizing them regularly. You can make this superconscious power work for you consistently and predictably in all the days of your life.

All the Best.

Mar 2, 2020      #The Malkan Show


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