In this episode, Meghana talks about Mediocrity and how often people fall into its deceptive trap.

Contrary to what most people fear, its way more easy to perform with excellence than to do so with mediocrity.



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A very important distinction came up today when I was having a discussion with a client.

It is the difference between mediocrity and excellence. So many of us are plagued with the thought of mediocrity. We experience physical discomforts at one time or another. Talking about the mind, this is one of the mental discomfort: mediocrity.

That is because whatever tasks you’re performing, whatever goals you have, it is so easy to get into a zone where you perform at a mediocre level v/s performing at your A-game.
Just think about it guys, anyone that you ask, including a six-year old child, “How is it that you want to do a particular task?”. The only answer and most often, I think almost all the time that you get is, “I want to do my best!”

Have you ever heard anyone, including a child, tell you that “I want to reach so and so goal and I’m okay if I’m not doing my best to reach there? It is okay if I just survive. It is okay if I don’t get to so and so level.”

No! So, when it comes to reaching somewhere, we all want to be the best. So why is it that so many of us live in mediocrity? When we conduct programs, the participants invest money, time and energy to be there. But the output that I see them giving me is sometimes very mediocre.

Why is that so?
Mediocrity is something I think all of us have as our nemesis. Mediocrity is such a thing that tops our list of enemies when it comes to mental state of mind.

Because it would require a lot more effort for someone to be mediocre than it would for someone to excel. I repeat again: It would require someone a lot more to be mediocre than to excel. Think about it! This is an important distinction.

So, think and introspect. Look into this dungeon of mediocrity. I think it’s high time we take charge of our reigns and get back to our A-game.

December  17, 2019      #The Malkan Show



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