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With the problems of recent times changing many of us have been complaining of loneliness where is on the contrary we should cherish our time alone.

The fact is we are all born alone, we live our unique experiences alone and we die alone.

In this podcast, I talk about how to deal with loneliness by getting closer to one’s center, developing a quiet watchfulness and total receptiveness so that you may enjoy the solitude that brings in joy and light-heartedness.



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Awareness of Time 



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I’ve begun with this podcast because after been coached by the world’s best.

I wanted to share about success habits, success tools, and queues that have helped me get on the higher level performance at work, a great relationship with my spouse and kids, and wat really helped to stay focused and motivated all the time.

So, guys lets dive into the next episode:

The problems of recent time are been changing. So many of us complain about loneliness when we should cherish being alone.

Ae we not born alone, do we not leave our unique experiences alone, and do we not die alone.

Loneliness does not necessarily arise out of isolation from others, we can be lonely even in the myths of a big crowd on the country, it is when we are isolated from our self’s when we lose our contact with the quiet voice of our inner self that loneliness makes its presence felt.

How then can we attempt the best state of solitude, only when we cease to identify our self with the eye consciousness, because in solitude the mind is silent and totally uncluttered and we leave completely from within, as sir arvind remark you must gather your self within more firmly, if you dispose your self more constantly and go out of the innercircle of your on self, you will constantly move about in the pettiness of the ordinary nature of this, since we all slaves of the mind we look at our unfulfilled longies and desires through magnifying glass and make ourself miserable, we are totally consumed by the external reality and we loose all the touch with our depper self, the more we look for external support to pull us out of this misery the depper we get into it, tahts the parodax of the situation but in the solitude on the other hand all external support is totally abundant and we are alone, we are open and we are facing ourself, many religion draw our attention to our non reaction attentiveness, non action which is not idleness or it is not inertia on the contrary, its is total reseptiness to that which wells up to the deepest well springs of once’s been, this non action is not different from the quite watchfulness from that Buddha spoke about once upon a time, just remember the nearer we are to our centre the better we can watch all evils and we can say they happen, as it is written in the Bhagavad-Gita and Jesus told us that watch and pray in a similar manner Gurunanak thought us the same value of unconditional surrender to god and his will, so if you see all different people from different religion, but whatever name you may identify it will, whether as non reaction identiveness as total receptiveness, as quite watchfulness or as unconditional submission, this quality of been, really brings out complete calm within ourselves.

The feeling of loneliness prevents us from leaving us from the present moment.


It crowds the might with the memories of the past and anxiety about the future and this clouded minds unable to attend the nonreaction alertness, it cannot stop craving and learn to observe without clinging to the attachment.

The nonaction which we spoke about is actually a key that will free ourselves from our mind and get us into a condition where we feel act one with the universe and experience the solitude that is a beautiful communion with nature, and it is in this solitude that we are able to relax into the present moment and live in complete trust that it is at an appropriate moment.


All the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle will fall in place and it is in this solitude that learns to experience laughter and we learn to bring in the joy

Mar 16, 2020      #The Malkan Show


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