#The Benefits Of Journaling



1. In this episode, Meghana talks about how maintaining a personal journal is an important discipline in building greater knowledge and greater understanding of our own self.

2. Self Journaling has two-fold benefits - Firstly, it allows you to capture all the aspects of the present moment for the future. This helps you in capturing the lessons from those events to be invested for a better future of your own self.

3. The second benefit is that every act of writing about your life helps you think more objectively about it, slowing down the flow of information.

4. All successful men and women who have really accomplished great heights have been having the discipline to maintain a personal journal at all times.



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Of all the disciplines that we follow in the pursuit of personal development, one important discipline that really helps one build greater knowledge and greater understanding of our own self is that of maintaining a personal journal. This is one thing that really helps us capture all the information around us so that our future would be better than our past. And if you think of it, a journal is just a gathering place for all your observations and discoveries that you make about your life.

Some people prefer to have it in their own handwriting. They narrate every incident in their own words, which captures all the experiences, the ideas, the desires and the conclusions about the people around them or the events around them that have managed to touch their lives.

A journal has two-fold benefits. Firstly, it allows you to capture all the aspects of the present moment for the future.

Whatever transpires in your life at the moment, you record that moment on that day itself. And all the events that take place in your life - the experiences that you live, the experiences that you learned from - should not just happen, should not just be there and existing.

They should be captured so that the lessons from those events can be invested for a better future of your own self. Because when you really properly document the past, it becomes one of the best guides for making decisions today that will lead to a better tomorrow.

While it’s true that every event is recorded in your brain you can’t always access those specific things that happened in the surrounding of those events at your will, whenever you wish to recall them. It’s not possible. So quite often what happens is the details become blurred or distorted over a period of time.

While we remember the outcome, what we tend to forget the exact sequence of events or the decisions we made at that point of time. And without accurate information to help you recall the past, you always run the risk of repeating many of the same errors over and over again.

So without a journal, all these special moments, all these milestones that you experience - the milestones of your emotions, the ones of your experiences - are all blown away by the winds of your own forgetfulness into some deep corner of the mind, where that value gets lost forever.

The emotion of that special moment, until and unless you capture that in your journal will soon fade over a period of time.

So while you may recall the event, you may still end up losing the emotion behind the event. So that’s one of the major benefits of journaling.

The second benefit I feel is that every act of writing about your life helps you think more objectively about it. Your writing tends to slow down the flow of information.

And as you’re writing, as you pause to gather your thoughts about an event that you’re trying to capture in your journal, you take the time to ponder, to analyze the experience that you have been through. So you begin to search more clearly for the source of your information. You think about the facts on which you base your decisions and the actions that you take in response to your beliefs. In other words, it’s just not an event, but your personal philosophy that comes under intense scrutiny and deep observation in the process of capturing your events in your journal.

It is this intense scrutiny and thoughtfulness, that helps you make more refinements to the philosophy which is truly life-changing, I believe.

So the discipline of keeping the journal also helps you to communicate better.

Because the more you practice capturing the experiences and emotions with words, the more clearly you are able to articulate your ideas, the more you discover the value systems that exist within you. That’s important.

Over a period of time if you observe, if you read about successful men and women who have really accomplished great heights, maintaining a personal journal has come only naturally to them. Most of them have this daily discipline of personal journaling.

Because they have this inherent instinct in them that a life worth living is a life worth documenting. Which is the fundamental behind journaling? In fact, the process of making it deliberate and a consistent habit of writing journals may well be one of the major reasons of their extraordinary level of high performance.

And as I always say, it is the small disciplines that lead to the making of successful individuals in the future.
Because while on an average people give a lot of care and attention to important matters, their own growth into greatness will await the passage of time. It’s the minor practices that you follow consistently over a period of time that go a long way in building your success.

Because neither success nor failure is a single event. Both of these are the culmination of small, seemingly insignificant decisions, whose collective weight over a period of time, whose collective practice for weeks and months and years itself is responsible for giving you that reward in the long term.

So it’s totally upon you. You may either use the journaling process or choose to ignore it totally.

I have seen people when they continuously neglect their reading and writing skills, that is what leads to undisciplined behavior and undisciplined thinking habits. Because just look at the people around you. So many of us are plagued with poor thinking habits, poor values, poor decision making.

And if this behavior continues over a period of time, it would not only affect ourselves and our family life but our community at large. So while your progress in the long term depends on each decision that you take and each small practice that you follow, I believe it’s always the consistency with which we do everything that really matters in the long term.

So, guys, this is something really important. Get set into maintaining a personal journal. You could have something absolutely at your convenience. I would suggest you begin with a handwritten journal because that really helps you articulate your thoughts onto paper.

And gradually if you wish to you may move onto a digital one. But spending a few minutes every day recording your experiences and events of the day that you go through will go a long, long way in building your character in the long term.

All the best guys!

January  2, 2020      #The Malkan Show


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