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    #Success & Happiness


There have always been a few important principles that account for most of the progress that we make in our lives.

These have the greatest effect on our health, on our happiness and also on our bank accounts.


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    #Morning Routines



In this episode, I talk about productivity.

It’s how we begin our day that dictates it’s quality.

A few morning routines could be extremely damaging since they take over our best hours of the day.

I elaborate on these routines and how we can get rid of them to utilise each day to it's full potential.


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In this episode, Meghana talks about Mediocrity and how often people fall into its deceptive trap.

Contrary to what most people fear, its way more easy to perform with excellence than to do so with mediocrity.

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    #The Benefits of Journaling


1. In this episode, Meghana talks about how maintaining a personal journal is an important discipline in building greater knowledge and a greater understanding of our own self. 

2. Self Journaling has two-fold benefits - Firstly, it allows you to capture all the aspects of the present moment for the future. This helps you in capturing the lessons from those events to be invested for a better future of your own self.
3. The second benefit is that every act of writing about your life helps you think more objectively about it, slowing down the flow of information.
4. All successful men and women who have really accomplished great heights have been having the discipline to maintain a personal journal at all times.

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    #The Power Of Actions


Taking action every single day is a major discipline that leads you to progress. Practicing them everyday increases your self-worth.

It does not matter how small or how insignificant the activity is, but it is within these obscure but important disciplines that the greatest opportunities exist.

Unless we learn to take care of the little opportunities that come our way, we will never be able to master the disciplines of becoming happy or prosperous. The major accomplishments in life begin with mastering these.

The idea is to work on one’s discipline by taking daily minuscule actions which is when success really begins to kick off.

Do not allow any error in judgement to make you think that letting things slide would not make any major difference to your life.

And finally, harnessing the power of imagination to your benefit, you can always ponder and imagine the huge possibilities that life has to offer.

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    #Awareness Of Time


Emotional vibrancy helps one to experience and generate more joy and energy in life.

It is the quality of harnessing zest and positive energy in oneself. It provides a sense of calm and inner peace even during life’s challenges.

You can learn to cultivate emotional vibrancy by practicing simple things such as physical movements, focus on increasing your strength and balance, caring for others and being open to new experiences in life.

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    # Are You Rejected?


Learning to deal with rejection is a vital quality to learn on the way to success.

Rejection is but a myth - the fact is you haven’t asked enough.

As Mark Victor Hansen says - what you want, what’s you.

Someone somewhere is waiting for you and your ideas. Just go out there and ASK.

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    # Eating Right


1. Food is a reflection of the divine. It sustains, nourishes and fortifies life in this body.
2. Food, thoughts and breath - all of these require absolute mindfulness.
3. In this era where a plethora of diets are available, it’s important to understand what’s the right food for your body.
4. Our body’s intelligence guides our food choices. It has the power to decide what nourishes it - a decision that’s over and above your beliefs and conditioning.
5. Mindfully taking responsibility of your platter leads to better health, less wastage and compassion for the planet and gratitude towards Mother Earth..

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    # Dealing With Grief


Grief is inevitable. It is a state of mind where our whole being feels the sorrow and suffering on losing someone or something that we so dearly loved or resonated with.

But we may not always have the luxury to plunge ourselves into grief for long since there may be people dependant upon us and it is our responsibility to surface out of the sorrow to stay strong.

What is the method that helps mitigate our suffering and helps us deal with this grief, especially when we lack it the most? While there is no one thing that helps all at the same level – this podcast has a few pointers that may help.

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    # Say No Often


Do you find yourself saying YES when you want to say NO just to avoid a conflict? Navigating these moments with courage and grace is one of the most important skills to master In the process of becoming a true essentialist.

As hard it is to say NO, failing to do so may make you miss out on something very important.

In this podcast, I talk about why do we resist saying NO and what shifts in our thought process can help us to do so efficiently.

Saying NO firmly, resolutely and yet gracefully is the way to happiness. The right NO spoken at the right time can change the course of history.

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    #Access Your Superconscious Mind to Get Whatever You Want


Your superconscious mind is the most powerful personal computer that you can have.

So far, the knowledge of the powers of the superconscious mind has been the secret knowledge of the mystics and the sages. This power has the force of originating the greatest ideas and inventions, across all fields including music.

In this podcast, I speak about what to so when you get exciting superconscious experiences and how to stimulate this part of your mind to have more such experiences.

The only limit on the superconscious mind are the ones that you place in your own mind and imagination.

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    #Solitude - The Best and the Blessed Way


With the problems of recent times changing many of us have been complaining of loneliness where is on the contrary we should cherish our time alone.

The fact is we are all born alone, we live our unique experiences alone and we die alone.

In this podcast, I talk about how to deal with loneliness by getting closer to one’s center, developing a quiet watchfulness and total receptiveness so that you may enjoy the solitude that brings in joy and light-heartedness.

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