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Money Flow Trader Program

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What is Money Flow Trader?

The stock market is flooded with unlimited opportunities on a daily basis. With just a few trading techniques, one can take advantage of these opportunities and generate a regular money flow. At Malkansview, we believe that there are two kinds of trades - one which runs your home (money flow) and the other which builds your home. As a professional trader, one needs to have both the skills in one’s armor.
At the Money Flow Trader, here are just the few of the things you will learn -

  1. How to take low risk-high reward trades by applying Fibonacci ratios. These ratios, which have universal applicability, are equally powerful in trading using Technical Analysis.
  2. Unconventional usage of one of the simplest tool of Technical Analysis – Trendlines and Trend Channels. These enable one to identify high probability trade set-ups.
  3. Combination of the West (price patterns) and East (candle patterns) produces some of the most powerful trade setups for short term trading to generate money flow.

And much more!

We teach what we trade and we trade what we teach. Live examples on live charts with live trading on systems in the simplest possible with the most effective results that you can implement straight away and make money.

We have hundreds of success stories who have changed their lives by attaining freedom of time and money by following these simple methods.


Money Flow Trader is taught by Vishal B Malkan, one of the best Technical Analyst in Asia with more than 22 years of experience , he is a Master Trainer in the areas of Technical Analysis, trading psychology and personal motivation.

Vishal is the co-founder of Malkansview Training Institute Private Limited. Having been a trader since the age of 16 years, Vishal has been through all thick and thins of the stock market until he finally achieved success as a trader. Since then, he has taken up the cause of helping others to become professional traders.

Vishal is famous for delivering elite-level training on technical analysis across the globe and people skills that is tactical, fact-based, heart-centered, and astoundingly effective.



A full day to understand the overall concepts of Short Term Trading, what really drives your behavior, shapes your thoughts with respect to Short Term Trading systems. You’ll create new mental frameworks for success; overcome fear and doubt; become more confident; and develop greater capacity to succeed as a Short Term Trader.



Advanced  training on  Short Term strategies, live chart examples , exercises and using technical indicators with Short Term Trading systems. You’ll master the ability to understand Short Term Trading.

Real life examples of people who have taken Short Term Trading as a full time career using our simple effective Strategies. How the world’s most successful Short Term Traders manage their day, get more done, organize trades , evaluate opportunities, delegate, deal with setbacks, find fulfillment, and stay focused on what matters. These are the secrets you need to get ahead and make a difference.             


This is one of the most sought out programs on intraday trading with focus on some amazing intraday strategies, timezones to trade,etc.

You don’t want to miss it !         

It's a complete online program where you get to trade live with

Vishal B Malkan

on becoming a Master in Short Term Trading Strategies. 


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