Malkansview Traders Club

What is Malkansview Traders' Club?

Malkansview Traders’ Club is an initiative of Malkans Training Institute (MTI) to bring together its past as well as present students. This is a powerful platform for the students to share knowledge and experience amongst themselves. It also provides them a wonderful opportunity to learn something from each other and thus a chance to be within the Circle of Knowledge (CoK).

 The Club has evolved as a incredible platform for continous learning to eager traders.

The structure of the Club is as follows –

  1. The Club meets once in each quarter.
  2. Key agenda would be –
    1. One guest session by a student or a guest speaker.
    2. Mentors’ talk.
    3. Q & A.
    4. Networking followed by lunch
  3. Eligibility – past and present MTI students / paid webinar attendees / special invitees
  4. The yearly subscription for the Club would be as follows –
    1. Participants who wish to attend personally – 
      Rs. 24,000/- incl of taxes.
    2. Participants outside Mumbai who can’t attend personally can avail the recording – 
      Rs. 12,000/- incl of taxes. 

      Your sharing would be pre-recorded and played at the Club.

 Please register and be a part of this incredible Club of successful Traders.

We look forward to see you soon!

Don't miss this amazing event to learn from the best traders and other successful people from different aspects of life


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