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Vishal is the co-founder of Malkansview Training Institute Private Limited. He is a Master Trainer in the areas of technical analysis, trading psychology and personal motivation. Having been a trader since the age of 16 years, Vishal has been through all thick and thins of the stock market until he finally achieved success as a trader. Since then, he has taken up the cause of helping others to become professional traders.


After working at a corporate house for more than half a decade, Meghana decided to break free from the shackles. Migrating from a law background into the stock market was a culture shock to her. But she learned all the things that the stock market had to offer and broke her myths and preconceived notions about the market.

What You Will Learn

  • Why people lose money in stocks?

  • Who makes money and how?

  • Trading with systems Vs Noise/News.

  • Simple system to Trade for Novices/Experts.

  • Dos and Don'ts of Trading.


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